Brand service is a huge dividend of corporate culture

In the recently released "500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands" list in 2017, SGCC topped the list with a brand value of 329.887 billion yuan. Mention National Grid, people are familiar with the "you electricity, I kindly" brand slogan. This good result can be said that this is a brand of quality service strategy, corporate culture huge dividend.

Brand service is a complex and complex symbol, which is the intangible sum of the attributes of the brand, name, packaging, price, history, reputation, advertisement and the like, as well as the consumers' impression of their service and their own experience Defined by the enterprise through the service process of goods or services to meet the needs of consumers a special brand form; corporate culture is the gradual formation of the business culture in the accumulation of brand and traditional culture and corporate image of the total individual, the right The value and behavior of enterprises as a whole and members of enterprises play a guiding role. With the strong brand culture of SGCC, enterprises win customer loyalty, win a stable market, enhance their core competitiveness and provide strong guarantee for the successful implementation of brand strategy.


We know that as a service industry, power supply enterprises can not develop without market and can not do without customers. The material is the foundation, the spirit is the guide, the culture is the soul, the culture has become an important source of cohesion and creativity of enterprises, and an important source of support and motive force for the company's scientific development. Looking at the moment, some companies only have the surface of the corporate culture, but did not go to practice, did not go to ground spread; some can not establish "everyone is a business card" concept, not the whole community Recognition of the brand value; There are very few individual employees, in the face of "three sets of five" system construction, the main separation, the corporate management of the relationship between the interests of the adjustment, can not be treated correctly and so on. And so on.


We have seen that SGCC closely centers on the main business of electric power and effectively enhances the level and capabilities of quality services. It also greatly upgrades and innovates the concept of service, service awareness, service means, service level and service quality so as to bring supply-oriented quality services closer to the society, Closer to the market, closer to the enterprises and closer to the masses of the people, fully demonstrated the brand-new image of the truthful service of the State Grid and enhanced the social cognition of corporate culture.


First-class corporate culture calls for superior brand services. We will speed up the building of a world-class brand that is adaptable to "a world-class power grid and a world-class enterprise" and has advanced concepts, scientific management, well-respected, profound heritage, strong social charisma and international influence. In this sense, brand service is a huge dividend for corporate culture.

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