Badminton game achieve good results

On the afternoon of November 3, 2017, Yigang Technology participated in the "Happy Sports, Pleasure Sharing"--Park Badminton Friendly Competition sponsored by Guangzhou Sanhuan Patent & Trademark Agency Co., Ltd. Development Zone Branch. Under the guidance of the Guangzhou Development Zone Intellectual Property Association, our company actively responded to the exchange opportunities in the park, guided by the enrichment of the amateur cultural life of employees in various parks and the healthy lifestyle of everyone who loved sports and happy sports,promote friendship of the park.

In this competition, 30 players from the park and cooperation units went into battle, entering the men's singles, women's singles and men's and women's mixed doubles mode. The activity adopted direct knockout system, each round of two teams compete.The first place will directly enter into the next round.Efficient competition rules strongly stimulate everyone's body heat factor, the scene was full of strong competitive atmosphere, all kinds of brilliant stunt turned staged, master duel left a dazzling dazzling spark,even the audience's mind and mood can not help but be affected by the game.The audiences cheered and applaused by the performance of athletes.

After intense competition, the final men's singles, women's singles,men and women mixed three projects of the first place and the second place were born. During the awarding ceremony, the laughter flies to convey the joy and congratulation of everyone. Although the game was endless, many new acquaintances made next appointment.Our company successfully won the third place on mixed doubles.

The event was successfully concluded in the lively photo posters, successfully creating an active, united and forge ahead atmosphere for Guangzhou Development Zone. Through this activity,our company strengthened the interaction with other parks, demonstrating the strenuous efforts of our staff style.

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