Announcement of lighting renovation project in Campinas, Brazil LED lighting companies in China are expected to participate

On March 2nd, the Campinas Municipal Government responded to the organizer of the China-Pakistan LED Project Matchmaking Conference. The head of the Street Lamp Authority will personally participate in the 2018 CMB LED Lighting Forum, and expressed that Chinese companies are very welcome to participate in the lighting project in Campinas City. This is another major city in Brazil that has released a lighting project since the City Hall of São Paulo announced in January that it is trying to replace public lighting products (700,000 baht) in PPP mode.

Campinas has the largest commercial center in Latin America

The city of Campinas is located in the industrial city of southeastern Brazil. It is a state of São Paulo with a population of 2 million and is the ninth largest city in Brazil. Campinas has a large number of research institutions and high-tech companies, known as Brazil's "Silicon Valley", technology and economic development among the top cities in Brazil.

Municipal government representative and Economic Development Director Andre said that Campinas currently has 112,000 public lighting access points, of which only 5% complete LED transformation, hopes to participate in the China Pakistan Forum to understand China's LED public lighting project Build experience and learn more about Chinese brands and products. As the Brazilian technology development center, Campinas City hopes to focus on lighting poles in the construction of smart cities, that is, lighting poles to install the Internet and create a lighting smart grid - intelligent public lighting Internet . Since 2016, Campinas has attempted to intervene in an internet connection on 35 light poles to install fiber optic cables. "Every month, Wi-Fi has reached 2 million free connections. In 2018, we plan to add 6 new roads to intelligent reconstruction," Andrei replied.

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